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UK Student Visa

About UK

The UK is one of the top destinations to study around the world. It is rich in history and has high-class institutions in every corner of the country and provides much more flexibility than other countries. The United Kingdom has much to offer the international students compared to other English-speaking countries. Flexibility in the education system allows you to study in a way that suits your career ambitions. While studying in the UK you will meet students from different nationalities and background. UK’s education system equips students with unmatched academic and professional skills allowing them to grow both personally and academically.

The UK is a study destination where international students have maintained their presence and have grown in numbers over the years. The UK has welcomed students from China, USA, Germany, Malaysia, India, Hong Kong, France, Republic of Ireland, Greece and many more countries. Following are a few factors that attract students to the UK:

Worldwide Recognition: Degrees from the UK University is known around the world for its quality and level of education. Oxford and Cambridge have set a high standard of excellence and the other universities are carrying the tradition forward.

International Exposure: Nowadays employers want employees who think effectively, creatively and out of the box. UK Universities use the latest teaching and valuation procedures to encourage individuality, as well as mastery of the specific subject. Students at the UK universities are expected to utilize the information to stimulate their innovative thinking.

High Quality of Education: The UK education system offers facilities such as diverse society, social activities, academic counselors, etc. This is one of the reasons why the UK has one of the lowest dropout rates in the world. The quality of UK’s education is unequaled as they encourage relevant skills sought by the MNCs today.

Affordable University Fees: There are numerous scholarships offered by the UK universities to international students from around the globe. They mostly provide free health care by National Health Service, so you do not have to worry about your health issues.

Duration Of Course: Courses provided in UK Universities have shorter duration compared to other courses provided by different countries. Undergraduate programs offered by UK universities are for 3 years, whereas the postgraduate programs are for 1 year.

Admission Process:

Intakes start from September / October and a few UK universities offer January / February intakes.

IELTS Score Requirement: Minimum score of 7.0 for Postgraduate program and 6.5 for Undergraduate program.

TOEFL Score: Minimum score of 90 for Postgraduate programs and 80 for Undergraduate programs.

PTE Score: Minimum score of 60 for Postgraduate programs and 50 for Undergraduate programs.

The exemption is possible if the student has scored above 70{5e8eaba51ca43e6fd30024ab8fe4faf3b5dc83daf8f6e74e53b7339afdfc40c1} in the English language in the X and XII Std. (English Medium) & if the medium of instruction throughout school & college was English.

Eligibility Requirements:


  • You require 65{5e8eaba51ca43e6fd30024ab8fe4faf3b5dc83daf8f6e74e53b7339afdfc40c1} and above for humanities in Std.12th, 70 – 80{5e8eaba51ca43e6fd30024ab8fe4faf3b5dc83daf8f6e74e53b7339afdfc40c1} and above for Science, Commerce, English in Std. 12th / Diploma.
  • Even the 2nd class is considered by some of the UK Universities if the applicant has some additional qualification or work experience. Foundations and Diploma programs are open to students who have acquired below 60{5e8eaba51ca43e6fd30024ab8fe4faf3b5dc83daf8f6e74e53b7339afdfc40c1}.
  • The applicant will have to be 18 years or above to join a degree program.


  • You will have to have 60 {5e8eaba51ca43e6fd30024ab8fe4faf3b5dc83daf8f6e74e53b7339afdfc40c1} and above in the 1st degree. The percentage varies from college to college.
  • Some universities also open at 55{5e8eaba51ca43e6fd30024ab8fe4faf3b5dc83daf8f6e74e53b7339afdfc40c1} and above in the 1st degree. Your GMAT scores have to range 600-700 to take admission in most of the Universities for Management Programs
  • Full-Time work experience of at least 2-4 years after your 1st degree (if required).
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